Our Work


We produce high quality work across different artforms – events, exhibitions, commissions, digital platforms, artefacts and residencies in order to showcase outstanding work and reach wide and diverse audiences. As part of this strand, we are particularly interested in developing challenging concepts and working with partners and artists who push boundaries, challenge stereotypes and question traditional viewpoints about refugees and migrants.

The Traces Project

An untold history of contributions to arts and history from men and women who have sought safety in the UK from conflict and persecution.


An ongoing programme of activities and commissions across art-forms, often curated in collaboration with other arts and cultural organisations.

Who are we?

Who are we? is a free 6-day cross-platform event at Tate Modern, spanning the visual arts, film, photography, design, architecture, the spoken and written word and live art which asks who are we?

Everyday on Canalside

Everyday on Canalside is a participatory arts programme with residents on the Canalside Estate in Hackney.