‘The dominant political and media discourse on migration in the UK is purposely devoid of context and compassion…Counterpoints Arts seeks to counter these simple lies by reframing the migrant experience through the prism of art, culture and the telling of human stories’ – Maurice Wren, CEO, UK Refugee Council


Thank you for considering donating to our work. Your donation will help us continue our work using the arts to change how we see migration and displacement. You will enable us to:

a. take nuanced and authentic narratives on migration to mainstream spaces & media

b. provide professional and financial support to artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds

c. strengthen national networks across sectors including arts charities, NGOs, philanthropy, education, advocacy and media in order to bring about social change

We believe that this is a cause worth pursuing and an opportunity to get involved in transforming society.





What recipients of our funding say about us

There is a sense of urgency to bring the reality of displacement to our society in the UK. Dis/placed, an exhibition produced by the Counterpoints Arts’ team in 2015, showed an extraordinary selection of well-curated works by artists working across several platforms, artists who are profoundly committed to shedding necessary insight onto the experience of millions of people displaced from their homelands


As a visual artist I have had a pleasure of working with Counterpoints Arts on several exhibitions in and outside of UK. I want to take a moment to thank all the Counterpoints Arts team for making my participation such a meaningful experience. Nowadays making works highlighting the sensitive issues of displacement and migration could turn out very critical, but I strongly believe that Counterpoints Arts is approaching these issues very sensibly and professionally. They are a collective voice, a hope for positive futures and a key force for cultural integration of refugees and migrants in and outside of UK.