Our Work

Who are we?

‘In the nightmare of the dark/All the dogs of Europe bark/And the living nations wait/ Each sequestered in its hate’ – W.H. Auden In Memory of W.B. Yeats (1940)

In a moment of global movement, connection and dis-connection of people across national borders, we ask who are ‘we’? Who gets to decide?

Who are we?  is a cross-platform programme, spanning the visual arts, film, photography, design, architecture, the spoken and written word and live art.

Guided by Auden’s quote, and inspired by the open dialogue of the Tate Exchange initiative looking at art and its importance to society, Who Are We? reflects on identity, belonging, migration and citizenship through arts and audience participation.

In 2017 Who Are We? was designed around the theme of ‘exchange’; in 2018 the focus was on ‘production; in 2019 the focus is on ‘movement’.

Who Are We? is produced in partnership with The Open University.