Football Song by Lady Leshurr + fans

An exciting new commission bringing together the rapper Lady Leshurr and football fans to co-create a chant.

Football is a huge part of our national and international culture. It can teach us a lot – about fair play, team work, passion, dedication, creativity, participation, well-being, community support and so much more.

We also believe that football has something important to teach us about embracing diversity. After all, despite many difficulties, football has been more welcoming to migrants than most other professions, and continues to benefit from their talents and contributions.

However, the recent upsurge of racism in football, pointing to the wider trends and problems in the society, reminds us of the ongoing struggle for so many fans, players, staff and volunteers.

That’s why we have commissioned Lady Leshurr – the brilliant artist, rapper and co-host of Don’t hate the Playaz – to collaborate with football fans  on a new creative project. Together they will create a football chant to be launched alongside a music video during Refugee Week 2020 (15-21 June).

There will also be a wide-ranging discussion bringing together fans, artists and ex-players: ‘Sing While We’re Winning: The Positive Power of Football’