Richard DeDomenici

Non-hierarchical booth, into which two people, often strangers, get to confess their fears to each other, privately, anonymously and safely. The installation is a response to the current sociopolitical upheaval allowing participants to alleviate and transcend fears

Richard DeDomenici is an artist whose work is often street-based, humorous, subversive, and political, reflecting his ongoing artistic mission to cause ‘the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility‘. Shed Your Fears, commissioned by Counterpoints Arts, is a non-denominational, non-hierarchical booth, into which two people get to confess their fears to each other, privately, anonymously and safely. Designed as a response to recent sociopolitical upheavals, the piece invites participating audiences to share their innermost fears, and, by sharing them, hopefully transcending them to the point where they can also share hopes and dreams.The first seeds of the installation were sown in a workshop conversation at Counterpoints Arts’ ‘Art for Social Change’ retreat at Dartington Hall in October of 2016. Richard was part of a group discussing different ways that art can help connect people across social, economic and other divides.Shed Your Fears was launched as part of Who Are We? Project at Tate Exchange. Since it has traveled to YouTube Space, the British Museum, and Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning. It will be on its way to other locations around the country including Loughborough University in November 2017.Reviews of Shed Your Fears:
Seeing each other for the first time – an emotional and tender moment… after emerging from the #shedyourfears confession booth where without seeing each other, we’d revealed our deepest fears for 20 minutes. An inspired installation… – a participant in Shed Your Fears

Outrageous, hilarious but piercing, a sharp critique of modern myth-making 

The Scotsman

Thank god for puckish performance artist Richard DeDomenici, the thinking man’s Ashton Kutcher 

The Guardian