About us

How We Commission

Counterpoints Arts’ commissioning is framed by our core mission and beliefs, reflecting our commitment to support artists who have experienced displacement and artists who are exploring and amplifying the migration story.


We commission work across all art forms with emerging, mid career and established artists often in collaboration with other partners and local venues.


Depending on the project, we select artists through different channels: including existing networks, open calls and targeted approaches.


Our commissions are varied in scale and aspire to share public platforms with a range of arts, advocacy and civic sectors connecting with different audiences.


The design of a commission is carefully thought through – worked out with artists and partners – formulating a shared vision and set of expectations. We believe that ‘process’ is as important as ‘product’.


If it fits the ambition of the project, we sometimes commission artists to creatively problem solve and work collectively.


We are committed to documenting and sharing the learning from our commissions with artists, audiences, partners and our wider network.


We strive to make our contracts straightforward and transparent, outlining fees with all applicable expenses, payment terms, mutual rights and agreed timelines.