PSYCHEdelight are the new Counterpoints Arts artists in residence

September 22, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that theatre company PSYCHEdelight are the new Counterpoints Arts artists in residence. Founded and directed by Sophie Besse, PSYCHEdelight created the play Borderline in 2016 following facilitated workshops in Calais refugee camps. Sophie, a theatre director and art therapist, had found an eagerness for comedy among refugees to contrast with and […]

Chrissie Tiller’s Power Up for Creative People and Places

September 21, 2017

Chrissie Tiller is a writer, teacher and advisor on participatory and socially engaged art practice. In this evaluation piece Chrissie reflects on observations, conversations and practices within ACE’s  Creative People and Places programme. Beautifully written and insightful, Chrissie’s piece gets to the heart of some of the current issues surrounding participatory and collaborative arts practices, asking pertinent […]

The Caged Bird’s Song: A Tangible Beauty

July 19, 2017

Guest post by Eliana Reeves (intern at Counterpoints Arts), written in response to “The Caged Bird’s Song” by Chris Ofili. We only know as much as our eyes allow us to see. From far away, the fizzing colours hang in midair and then drip down the wall, and as they do, shapes begin to form. A […]

The Architect: Rebuilding a Dying City

July 11, 2017

Guest post by Eliana Reeves (intern at Counterpoints Arts), written post Refugee Week. The young boy stands among the ruins of his school with his camera phone. Another child blinks curiously at him as he takes pictures of buildings that have been devastated by bombing after bombing. Then he enters his workshop and he begins […]

Queens of Syria: The Royalty of Bravery

July 11, 2017

Guest post by Eliana Reeves (intern at Counterpoints Arts), written post Refugee Week. “Oh, my sorrows! I am so unhappy… I shall leave as my city turns to dust.” The women stand in rows with their hands covering their mouths, their voices ringing through the performance hall. There is nothing but three benches, a screen, […]

The Art and Politics of Simplicity: ‘Refugees Welcome’ in York

June 20, 2017

Image: Nelli Stavropoulou Counterpoints Arts was in York last Saturday (17 June) participating in the York Festival of Ideas, working at the University of York on an Impact Research Fellowship – with Maggie O’Neill in Sociology and Simon Parker in Politics. Part of the focus is to encourage people to see the value of arts and […]

Different Past, Shared Futures: Refugee Week at The British Museum

June 19, 2017

Join us for a rich range of happenings and activities taking place at The British Museum – from music performances, to visual installations, youth workshops and much more. Prompted by this year’s Refugee Week, ‘Our Shared Future’, the programme is curated to encourage full participation. Catering for all ages, it’s a heady mix of theatre, […]

Am I my Brother’s Keeper? Kate Daudy reflects on her new work

June 17, 2017

British artist Kate Daudy reflects on her new work, which transforms a family tent from a refugee camp in Jordan into a participatory art installation. The project that came to be called ‘Am I my Brother’s Keeper?’, came about at the very start of 2016. I was alarmed by the rise of intolerance in the UK, and felt […]

Our Table: The Art of Food, Migration and Social Justice

June 13, 2017

Counterpoints Arts went to Cork, Ireland to moderate a public conversation about Our Table, a project focusing on the political power of food to make social change. Our Table is  specifically aiming to end the ‘direct provision’ system across Ireland. This conversation, set in the heart of the English Food Market in Cork City, was a […]

Learning Lab: Support Group network-SGN & Re:Act, Valand Academy, Kultur i Väst, Outgrain, and Counterpoints Arts, London

June 7, 2017

Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab travelled to Sweden for two days 30-31st May, to explore the self-organising cooperative methodologies developed and enacted by Support Group Network- SGN and Re:Act project of Save the Children, across different refugee camps and municipalities in Sweden. The aim of the Learning Lab was to connect and engage artists, activists, educators, […]

Join Counterpoints Arts for Refugee Week 2017

June 5, 2017

We are delighted to share our programme of events for Refugee Week 2017. From virtual reality to interactive installations; Iranian hip-hop to the launch of the London Syrian ensemble, we invite you to join us for a range of world-class performances and happenings, celebrating the Refugee Week 2017 theme of Our Shared Future. Many events are […]

No Boundaries 2017 – A Symposium on the Role of Arts and Culture

May 17, 2017

Counterpoints Arts Co-directors, Áine O’Brien and Almir Koldzic, participated at this year’s No Boundaries conference (28-29 March), addressing the transformative potential of art as a catalyst for social change. During this presentation they reflected on the power of lived experience, the need for creative alliances, cross-collaboration, and the role of art as a tool of social critique, working from […]

Trigger Warning

April 26, 2017

Writer Vesna Maric reflects on There There’s piece, ‘Trigger Warning’ , presented as part of ‘Who Are We?’ programme at Tate Modern. How does Britishness become, well, Britishness, and what does it, in fact mean to be British? There There, a two-part artistic project from Romania and Serbia, have endeavored to explore that idea through […]