February 27, 2015

The ‘Everyday on Canalside’ project website goes live

We launched our Everyday on Canalside project website last weekend giving you a sense of what we’ve been producing on Canalside over the past year, together with the different participatory strands that make up this project (Humans of Canalside, Open Spaces, Simple Acts and Moving Worlds).

We’re excited to announce that in late March, the Everyday on Canalside project will present a guided film trail around the Canalside Estate as part of its Moving Worlds programme, showcasing a lot of the work that we’ve been working on with residents so far.

The film trail will use the open spaces and buildings around Canalside to project moving images and films about and by residents produced for our Humans of Canalside tumblr site, since mid-2014. Along the way, residents will share stories about Canalside people, memories, and regeneration. Then we’re having a party at the Whitmore Community Centre to celebrate. It will be a great opportunity to explore the area with your neighbours and perhaps see your portrait projected onto your building!

We’re currently working with the Canalside Residents’ to plan the community event on March 28. Stay tuned for more details by subscribing to our newsletter, or contacting us.

Everyday on Canalside is led by Counterpoints Arts in partnership with Shoreditch Trust, photographer Marcia Chandra, and Charushila, in close collaboration with the Canalside Residents’ Association. It is supported by the Migration Foundation within the Metropolitan Housing Association, and with additional support from the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund’ programme administered by CDF for the Office for Civil Society.


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