October 3, 2018

Tania Bruguera at the Tate

Counterpoints Arts has been working with artist Tania Bruguera, Tate Modern and Tate Neighbours since the start of the summer on Tania’s Turbine Hall commission, which opens this week, and her residency at Tate Exchange.

Described by the Evening Standard as perhaps the most radical Turbine Hall project so far, it includes a series of stealth interventions relating to migration. These include renaming Tate’s Boiler House after local activist Natalie Bell – pictured below with some of the Tate Neighbours group.

natalie bell

As the lead associate for Tate Exchange we will be working with her and other associates on a programme across the next 6 months.

This article for Frieze by Ellen Mara De Wachter provides a good overview of Tania’s commission. It concludes:

Reflecting on the range of works on show, Bruguera credited Tate as co-authors of the project, adding that ‘many of these are things I tried in other places and didn’t get’. But the most transformative partners may be the Tate Neighbours. At the launch, an elderly woman named Barbara spoke on behalf of the group saying they ‘consider migration in a symbolic way, as the movement of the mind and heart from a divisive way of being to a new inclusivity. We are attempting to address the dualistic mindset of either/or; of right/wrong; hoping to be like yeast in the world, to continue to expand and have our effect like a ripple.’ Bruguera quipped: ‘This should be called the commission of Tania Bruguera and Tate Neighbours. Maybe we have to rectify that!’


Press View of Tania Bruguera, Hyundai Comission, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2018

Photos: Tate


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