October 5, 2021

Suitcases: Telling Textile Travels

For our Platforma 6 programme we are delighted to have commissioned Conflict Textiles to produce a new online exhibition, Suitcases: Telling Textile Travels. We also commissioned them to produce a short film telling the story of the exhibition. A version is also available with Spanish subtitles.

The exhibition features international textiles from the Conflict Textiles collection focused on global displacement, both historical and current, its multiple impacts and the experiences of refugees both before and after they arrive and settle in their host country. Conflict Textiles will be bringing a number of the textiles to a textile-making workshop in Leeds that is also part of the Platforma 6 programme.

Several asosciated Conflict Textiles initiatives also took place in the context of Refugee Week:
1) WE CANNOT WALK ALONE – Refugee week 2021 – Online workshop programme (Limavady, Northern Ireland). Participants created arpillera dolls responding to the theme “We Cannot Walk Alone”. The finished dolls formed a collective banner which has since been displayed in two locations.
2)This 6 minute film was produced by ARK Refugee and Asylum seekers in Northern Ireland: Public attitude data from Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey illustrated through Conflict Textiles
3) Every Action Counts – Making arpillera dolls – Outdoor workshop, Letterkenny Amnesty group, (Donegal, Republic of Ireland). Participants made an arpillera doll for local refugee families, as a gesture of welcome and in the spirit of World Refugee Day 2021.
4) Similar solidarity events took place in Argentina Caminemos juntos (let us walk together), Germany Gemeinsam mutig!/brave together and Catalonia Caminem junts (In Catalan); Caminemos juntos (In Spanish); and Let us walk together (In English).

Image: ‘Auf der Flucht 1945 / Fleeing in 1945’, by Mara Loytved-Hardegg. (Photo: Martin Melaugh, copyright Conflict Textiles)