June 3, 2016

Stunning New T-Shirt Prints by Marios Schwab and Studio Moross

It’s been our huge privilege to have one of London’s most exciting fashion designers, Marios Schwab and the award-winning Studio Moross working with us on creating a unique, small collection of stunning t-shirt designs in support of Refugee Week.

When we first approached Marios, our idea was to build on the concept behind Refugee Week – of coming together to celebrate contributions and diversity that refugees bring; and to develop designs that would help us move in a new creative direction and reach new audiences. The final result of this was that we ended up loving both the prints and the whole experience of working with Marios and Studio Moross.


This is what Kate from Studio Moross and Marios said about what inspired them to work with us:

“These prints were developed to communicate a message of community and coming together of people from all over the world. To create the artwork we combined calligraphy techniques and brushes used in various countries, with typographic symbols derived from different languages.

We also wanted to show how important collaboration and openness is, working with different cultures and in different styles, you can create something more than the sum of its parts. The creative world works best with a free flow of ideas and people, with no walls or barriers, everyone bringing something to the table.

This collaboration between Studio Moross and Marios Schwab promotes this openness to accept & help others, and our mutual desire to be part of and celebrate a more global culture.”








The sales of the T-shirts will all go back into the Refugee Week pot, to support future projects, events and artists from refugee and migrant communities. To buy the T-shirts and support our work please visit the Refugee Week website.MARIOS7



About Studio Moross

Studio Moross is an award-winning multi-tasking studio that creates, art directs, designs, films and rebrands some of the biggest musicians on the planet. Working with the most cutting-edge illustrators and artists , the Studio Moross approach is unparalleled: creating instantly recognisable and totally unforgettable art direction, print, packaging, moving image and branding to make the world look fresher, better and more alive. As yet they’ve created iconic work for the likes of One Direction, Disclosure, TEED, MTV, Ray-Ban, Wild Beasts, Vice, Young Turks and Sam Smith among many, many others.

About Marios Schwab

As a child growing up in Athens Marios Schwab wanted to be a ballet dancer and an architect, but at 15 he decided on a career in fashion. Following his new goal – one which found little favour with his parents – he spent four years studying Austrian hand-sewing techniques in Saltzburg, where he was the only male pupil. After continuing his studies at Esmod in Berlin, he found work in London at the studio of Clements Ribeiro and earned an MA at Central Saint Martins. Unlike many of the college’s students he was reluctant to launch his own label, preferring to collaborate with designers such as Kim Jones.

He finally decided to go it alone, however, debuting his first solo creations in 2006. The figure-hugging dresses were an instant hit. Since then Marios has become established as one of London’s most excting designers, whose dresses have been worn by Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Chloe Sevigny, Thandie Newton and Clemence Poesy.