December 11, 2020

Our Story and Vision: Counterpoints Arts Evaluation

We are so pleased to share ‘Our Story and Vision‘; a new narrative-based report written by an independent consultant and critical friend of our organisation, Chrissie Tiller.

Our intention behind commissioning this report was to create a process through which we would review our organisation, reflect on our current vision, methodologies and practice and, in doing so, create a possible blueprint for the future.

The final result is an unusual and beautifully designed ‘evaluation’, which is based around a series of conversations with our team, board, partners, artists and other collaborators from our network, all of whom brought into the conversation their own perspectives of our work and challenges ahead. 

As such it is a truly collaborative effort and, we hope, a new starting point for our conversations around the impact of the work and how change happens.

To read the full evaluation via PDF, click here.