December 10, 2020


Neema Iyer, Season 1, Beyond and Now

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainties across communities and presents us with questions of new ways of being and doing. Coupled with ongoing issues of social injustices, we may feel confused about how to navigate a rapidly changing world. I wanted to depict these feelings of loneliness and disconnection by juxtapositioning them against my growing connection to nature and outdoors, as I experienced during times of lockdown. To consider getting out of our echo chambers and looking at the world through different perspectives, while still being mindful of how the pandemic has accelerated the use and misuse of technology in our day-to-day lives, for epidemiological surveillance. But where do we draw the line between protecting the health of the public and rising intrusion by governments in our private lives. Overall, this piece encompasses the intricate relationships between our fundamental need for connection, our interdependence on nature and our growing dependence on technology, in a world in flux.