February 3, 2020

Music for Social Change – Kent Youth Music Project

We are delighted to share the music created in our recent collaboration project with two Kent partners. The young people who are a part of youth groups supported by Music for Change (Margate) and Pie Factory Music (Ramsgate) worked with artists Mohammed Yahya and Oliver Seager to write and record new music.

In just over four months, a series of workshops with Mohammed and Oliver resulted in an EP of seven tracks, spoken word and new or improved music production skills. Around forty young people were involved in the project, they spoke honestly about their lives and communicated their dreams for the future. They wrote the lyrics, played the instruments and recorded the tracks inspired by their own and their friends’ lives.

Mohammed and Oliver are seasoned workshop leaders, one of their focuses is the work with young people. The artists report being struck by the creativity of the young people, including by a group of young women with Roma backgrounds. The project became an empowering experience, evidencing what change the young people would like to see around them and in the wider society.

Have a listen to the tracks and also to a recorded short podcast which captures some of the conversations with the young people, recorded during the workshop sessions.


Track 1 – Pie Factory Original


Track 2 – Mangoo


Track 3 – Feeling Lost Can’t Find It


Track 4 – Collaboration I


Track 5 – Collaboration II


Track 6 – A Different Side to Love


Track 7 – Odoj Tele


This project was made possible by the PRS Foundation’s Open Fund for Organisations, and we are very thankful for their support.

Also, thank you to our project partners at Music for Change and Pie Factory Music, you do amazing work!