June 3, 2021

Learning Lab: Collaborative Arts, Diversity and Social Justice – a New Publication

Film maker Jijo Sebastian photographed at the Summer School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice, July 2019. Photo: Joseph Carr

We are pleased to publish the Learning Lab: Collaborative Arts, Diversity and Social Justice in partnership with CREATE (Ireland).  

For Counterpoints Arts, conversations about art, migration, equality and the right to have rights are best navigated with people who straddle comparative locations and identities – where both learning and unlearning is performed through a crossing of personal, organisational, practice-based and geographical borders.

Cross-border conversations play an integral part of Counterpoints Arts’ mission as a learning organisation, facilitating horizontal spaces in which to share both challenges and successes of respective work and projects.

The delivery of this event with Create (Ireland) involved deep listening and reciprocal exchange, echoing the ethos and intersectional pedagogy of the Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab. Enabling both organisations (in Dublin and London) and participants (virtually all over the globe) to cast a collective inquiry about cultural rights and what we might mean by democratic ‘participation’ in the arts.

We hope that you enjoy the richness of this Learning Lab dialogue, illustrated throughout in the breadth of case studies and grassroots interventions alongside perspectives honed from flagship art institutions. Or evident in the examples of experimental initiatives stretching collaborative process and practice together with the challenging of art and social justice policy via unique and dynamic provocations.

Read the publication here.