Go Tell The Bees

A site specific production in Pembrokshire, developed in collaboration with National Theatre Wales TEAM.

The idea that we should share important community and family news with bees has its roots in the folklore and mythological traditions of Wales. Whenever we fail to do so, the story goes, the bees leave their hives and disappear from our area.

Inspired by this tradition and wider heritage of the Pembrokshire region in Wales, Go Tell The Bees is an ambitious new production developed in collaboration between National Theatre Wales TEAM, local communities and Counterpoints Arts.

The production will be a festival-style celebration taking place over the course of a weekend against a magical Pembrokeshire backdrop –  spreading across  beaches, mountains, forests, castles and towns. It will highlight stories from the local communities and invite us to examine how we connect to the environment and other people around us.

Go Tell the Bees is rooted in the work of  NTW TEAM, who have been embedded in the communities of Pembrokeshire over the last four years, exploring the key things that matter most for the people of the county.  Having decided on climate change and the environment as the most urgent issue, Go Tell The Bees is the community’s co-created response – a bold new work that redefines the way in which theatre is made while telling a universal story of our human connection to nature and to each other.

For the latest information see: https://www.nationaltheatrewales.org/ntw_shows/go-tell-the-bees/