May 20, 2014

Everyday on Canalside

We’re pleased to launch Everyday on Canalside located on Canalside Estates – a participatory arts and design project funded by the Migration Foundation, Metropolitan Housing Trust.

The project is a partnership between Counterpoints Arts, Shoreditch TrustCharushila and Marcia Chandra and we will be working closely with the Canalside Residents Association, the Metropolitan Housing Team, local businesses and community groups.

With our partners, we’re planning an exciting year-long mix of activities and events: film screenings, community storytelling and mapping, creative mentoring combined with community design and calls to collective action.

We’re kicking off with an innovative film, photography and mentoring programme with the Youths of Haggerston (YOH) called ‘Portraits of Canalside’, a community blog combining photos, stories and films, alongside a participatory design and green space engagement project in collaboration with Canalside residents, St Mary’s Secret Garden, Ministry of Stories and others.

This neighbourhoods programme will see Counterpoints Arts integrate a number of our projects and we’re looking forward along with key partners Shoreditch Trust, Charushila and Marcia Chandra to working with residents on Canalside and the Metropolitan Housing Team.

We’ll keep you primed on activities and events as they’re posted on the project website, which goes online soon.




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