18 Jun 2020 / 14:00 to 16:00

Thristian: Global Roots Radio for Refugee Week 2020

14:00, 18th June @ Refugee Week Facebook Live and Global Roots and WorldWideFM platforms.

We’re excited to invite you to this special Global Roots Radio session with their renowned host DJ Thristian. During the two hours of amazing music, a selection inspired by the Refugee Week theme of Imagine, Thristian will chat with another artist from the Refugee Week programme.

Two brilliantly talented dancers from our network are joining in with commissioned, pre-recorded dance segments – Sung Im Her and Shane Ishimwa Muhimanyi.

Wherever you’ll be listening to this, have a bit of space around you. Thristian will get you dancing.

We’d love to hear from you during the session, so don’t be shy with your comments.

About Thristian

Global Roots is the brainchild of Thristian, an unrivalled selector with a deeply rooted presence in the global music scene. This visionary tastemaker has spent the past decade carving out an international reputation amongst fans, producers and DJs as a champion of eclecticism. He ventures across borders both musical and geographical with selections that shine a light on the underground, the unknown and the unexplored.

Widely known for co-founding Boiler Room, a pioneering online broadcasting platform that was years ahead of its time, Thristian has a wide-ranging creative résumé. It spans NTSChannel 4Sounds of the Universe and most recently, creating Worldwide FM with mentor and now collaborator Gilles Peterson. As part of his work with Worldwide, Thristian has developed his latest creation: Global Roots.

More about Global Roots

Starting out as a club night at London’s legendary Plastic People, Global Roots has evolved into a multi-platform brand. It encompasses radio shows, pop-up exhibitions, film screenings, festival partnerships with the likes of Dimensions, Bahidora and Worldwide Festival – as well as events and parties that have travelled as far as Ethiopia, Mexico, Havana and Seoul.

Exploring music and sound from all corners of the globe while championing independent and underground arts and culture, Global Roots takes advantage of close relationships with local artists and collectives worldwide, while working with respected institutions such as London’s Tate Modern and The British Council in South Africa.

Each  event is unique. It responds to its environment, drawing on local talent and culture while showcasing multi-media installations, film screenings, contemporary art and live performances, alongside unmissable DJ sets from Thristian and a cast of eminent friends and collaborators. Offering cross-promotion via Thris’s internationally popular Worldwide FM show and expertly curated line-ups that draw from his wide-reaching creative circle, Global Roots is more than just a party. It’s a universal celebration of global music, arts and culture.

18 Jun 2020
14:00 to 16:00