14 Mar 2019 / 15:00 to 16:30

Refugees of Rap – Speaking Truth to Power

The brothers, Yaser and Mohamed Jamous, practiced their art in the Palestinian Yarmouk camp in Damascus until 2013. Their lyrics boldly speak out against the Syrian regime and other forms of repression. Faced with having to leave because of the war, they currently live in Paris having received refugee status. Their third and most recent album is produced in collaboration with veteran French producer, Limotef.

Join us for a conversation with Yaser and Mohamed on what it means to be a displaced artist – ‘who both risks and is at risk’. How the brothers have navigated the excesses of State censorship. We’ll also talk about the power of words to challenge repression, and the potential of rap and pop culture to transform pain into cultural production – to create personal and social change.

Counterpoints Arts invites London based artists, with lived experiences of displacement and/or music making as an act of speaking to and challenging ‘power’ to join this conversation, including:

Shay D – Raised on a diet of Garage, Grime and Hip Hop, North London Hip Hop artist Shay D carries a fiery young woman’s persona. Influences of Persian poetry through to 90s rap can be heard in her content and delivery and she’s an authentically underground artist who tells it like it is. Her journey of gritty music and philanthropy can be heard in her music with social commentaries of growing up in the city and a passion for encouraging a positive mentality in her message to her listeners. Shay D is currently on her UK tour.

Mohammed Yahya – Mohammed Yahya is an award winning Mozambican born bilingual Rapper, Spoken-Word artist, Workshop Facilitator and Event Organiser.  Born in Mozambique in 1980 during the civil war, Mohammed Yahya was forced to flee his country at the age of 2 and take refuge in Lisbon, Portugal where he experienced a lot of racism. These experiences inspired him to start writing poetry which eventually turned into rap.  Mohammed is an Interfaith Programming officer regularly curating a variety of educational, social action and arts events to remove stereotypes and encourage community cohesion.

Hodan Yusuf – Hudan Yusuf is a poet and writer. She is also a mediator and trainer in conflict resolution. Hodan has spoken at and read her poetry at many events and festivals including Oxford University, IHRC, York University, University of East London, Muslim Institute, BareLit Festival, Parliament for International Women’s Day 2018, British Library, Amnesty International and others.  Hodan is currently working on her debut collection of poetry.

Conversation chaired by Sashwati Mira Sengupta, Counterpoints Arts Music Curator.

This event is organised in partnership with Plymouth College of Art as part of Counterpoints Arts’ #MusicforSocialChange PRSF funded project, and Plymouth’s Tate Exchange. The recorded version of this conversation will be available via Counterpoints Arts and Plymouth University websites and social media channels.

14 Mar 2019
15:00 to 16:30

Tate Exchange, Southwark Room, 5th Floor, Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern, SE1


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