15 Sep - 21 Nov 2021 / N/A


As part of our Across Borders programme, Counterpoints Arts is delighted to be supporting the documentation of a new an art project by Manaf Halbouni & Christian Manss: Mobilistan, the first mobile state in the limited space of a vehicle.

Mobilistan will be established on the area of a stretch limousine or state limousine, thus forming the territory that can be entered or exited through the doors of the vehicle. Mobilistan has its own flag, hymn and passport. There are four permanent residents of Mobilistan, playing simultaneously several roles like State President, Foreign Secretary, Minister of Finance, Interior Minister etc. The four permanent residents are: Barbara Repe, Anne Manss, Manaf Halbouni and Christian Manss. They will determine the fortunes of Mobilistan: who is allowed to become a citizen, who gets a visa or where is the temporary location of Mobilistan.

On the trip from Berlin to Istanbul to the Mahalla Festival, the state leaders are planning state visits to Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Zagreb and Sofia. Of course, the duration of the trip depends on the pandemic conditions in the respective countries. .

A film documenting the work will be available later this year.

15 Sep - 21 Nov 2021