25 Feb 2015 - 6 Jun 2020 / 17:30, Royal Hibernian Academy

Launch of Moving Lives

Moving Lives – an interactive IPortrait researched, designed and produced by Counterpoints Arts

Human stories frame the face of this production, with creative documentary leading the viewer to behind the scenes reflection on public campaigns, strategic litigation, action research, advocacy and service provision.

Unpacking landmark cases, key methodologies and lessons learned, this production moves through the transformative power of personal storytelling to explore an advocacy team’s way of working. A living archive of the Immigrant Council of Ireland’s work, this online platform will also serve as a public research and learning resource.

The methods and collaborative approaches narrated are as diverse as the migrants’ stories themselves. Design methodology is aimed to facilitate different levels of access: whether seeking information about relevant issues; delving into content as a fellow-advocate, legal practitioner, policymaker; or curious to watch the film stories as a mainstream viewer, communications and media worker, interested educator.

25 February 2015: Royal Hibernian Academy, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2 at 17:30

Supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies, PTools, EBOW Design and commissioned filmmaker, Simon Hipkins, Key Pictures.

25 Feb 2015 - 6 Jun 2020
17:30, Royal Hibernian Academy