26 Jan 2015 - 30 May 2020 / 18:30

Launch of Counterpoints Art’s 2015 programme

We are living in the midst of huge demographic shifts and unprecedented levels of human displacement. More than ever before, we need bold and imaginative interventions to help us make better sense of the global yet very local experiences of migration. And who better to do it than artists and cultural practitioners who are engaging with these experiences.

It was int his context that Counterpoints Arts was set up in 2012 – with a mission to support, produce and promote the arts by and about migrants and refugees. To collaborate and co-produce with cultural practitioners who are exploring the rich and multiple angles of vision emerging through the diverse realities of migration. Creating imaginative work that goes way beyond fixed categories and identities.

We have already come a long way in securing a more sustainable base, building our reputation and developing a range of extraordinary partnerships and networks. In 2014 we were awarded national portfolio status by the Arts Council England (ACE), which marked an important new development and point of departure for Counterpoints Arts. The status was awarded in recognition of our strategic role and the many ways in which ACE’s own diversity goals relate to our belief that refugees and migrants have significant contributions to make to British arts, history and culture.

We have also produced exciting work and supported a number of brilliant artists and projects. We have collaborated with various partners and mainstream venues, co-producing events and activities that have generated considerable interest and media coverage. We try value the strategic partnerships we have fostered with a whole range of arts, advocacy and community organisations across the country and internationally. We now aim to work together on increasing participation in arts, cultural and educational programmes relating to refugees and migrants.

This launch was to celebrate and outline the plan for 2015 which was to deliver an artistic programme featuring artists, events, learning initiatives, creative commissions and productions – all of which aim to deliver strong impact and to resonate amongst diverse audiences. As collaboration is at the heart of our approach, almost all aspects of our upcoming programme will continue to be produced and delivered collaboratively with our many partners, venues, communities of interest, cultural practitioners and educators.


26 Jan 2015 - 30 May 2020

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