28 Oct 2020 / 18.00-19.30

Launch: Digital City of Refuge

A panel discussion on the digital representation of the city and its actors’ voices in the context of migration.

Join us for the launch of Digital City of Refuge: a collection of visual stories mapping the city of refuge as experienced and imagined by its actors in Athens, Berlin and London.

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Myria Georgiou (Professor, Media@LSE)
Marcia Chandra (Photographer, Counterpoints Arts)
Deena Dajani (Researcher, IIED)
Renée Ghammashi Abul-Ella (Founder and director at Al-Dar, Berlin)
Abdulrahman, (Presenter of Beit-UK, a video series supporting refugees, London)
Muhammad Ali Madanieh, (Teacher, husband, father, Syrian, Athens)
Natasa Vourna (Teacher, activist, Athens)

This visual storytelling project is associated with the project Resilient communities, resilient cities? Digital makings of the city of refuge, led by LSE in creative partnership with Counterpoints Arts and Proboscis.

The research project focuses on three urban neighbourhoods that received newcomers following the 2015-16 “migration crisis”: Athens (Downtown), Berlin (Neukölln) and London (Haringey). Through conversations, focussed workshops and ethnographic storytelling walks, the research explored the role of digital technologies and connectivities in mediating and managing the city of refuge by exploring three critical questions:

— How are welcoming and inclusive cities constituted and communicated?

— What are the obstacles to the city of refuge and how is it denied to those who need and desire it?

— How is the city of refuge imagined and communicated as a sustainable, and hopeful project? This event will launch the website,, which forms part of the wider research project Resilient communities, resilient cities? Digital makings of the city of refuge. The project was funded through the LSE’s Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) as part of the Rockefeller Resilience Programme.

‘Digital City of Refuge’ is produced by The Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Counterpoints Arts with photographer Marcia Chandra.

Read more about the project’s research methodology, results and publications.


28 Oct 2020