26 Oct 2018 / 12.00-22.00

Global Significance

Join us at Tate Modern (Level 5) for a day of hip-hop, poetry, and spoken Word at Tate Exchange with Tania Bruguera, Tate Neighbours and Counterpoints Arts

Global Significance is an invitation to write collectively – and intergenerationally – in response to Tania Bruguera’s Turbine Hall Commission and the ‘terms and conditions’ written by the Tate Neighbours.

A single large table will run across Tate Exchange and be covered with paper. Anyone can write anything. The space will be filled with poetry and prose picking up on the themes chosen by Tate Neighbours: migration, creativity, homelessness, the planet and vulnerable communities.

Facilitated by Abdul Karim Abdullah and several Tate Neighbours, plus a range of spoken word performers and activists, an open learning session will explore the traditions of Hip-Hop, poetry and spoken word to articulate personal feelings, empathy, understanding and calls to action in relation to art, migration and activism.

There will also be an invitation to use different languages and to consider how languages and political passions evolve and intersect.

A microphone will be available at all times for invited performers as well as anyone who wants to step forward.


26 Oct 2018

Level 5, Tate Modern, London


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