9 Apr 2016 / 2pm-5pm

Everyday On Canalside Community Event, Saturday, April 9, 2016

canalside 1Counterpoints Arts and the Canalside Residents’ Association co-hosted a ‘Learning Lab’ at the Whitmore Community Centre

There was lots of hands-on creative activities, including:

* Radio podcasting with Social Broadcasts
* A photographer  taking portraits for Humans of Canalside
* Your histories, ideas, stories and knowledgewere shared through maps and posters

* The Canalside gardening group met and talked about summer activities

There was also sharing of ideas and planning for the BIG Canalside Street Party in July!

Thoughts on activities, music, performance, food, art was all shared. Residents and local businesses met and shared with each other the diverse cultures and skills that exist in Canalside.

More info: Email or contact the Canalside Residents’ Association

9 Apr 2016

Whitmore Community Centre, Hoxton


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