25 Jun 2016 - 30 Nov 2021 / 18.30-23.30
Rich Mix London

European Connections with Transylvania

Refugees Welcome! Part 2: European Connections with Transylvania plus Guests as part of Refugee Week

Produced as part of our music project Celebrating Sanctuary London.

Venue: Rich Mix London

Eastern European band Transylvania headlines an evening of music celebrating Refugee Week 2016.

The second of two artist and activist nights at Rich Mix, the evening also features a key match in the European Championships.

Transylvania are a party band spanning the folk beats and music of the Ukraine and Romania, combined with electronic dance music. Pushing the Balkan boom sound to the limits and with DJs and a VJ adding fuel to the fire of their show, expect the evening to be true to form of their motto: ‘DAMN FUN!’ Transylvania will be presenting the mother of all parties to conclude Refugee Week, the European cup final, and the vote on whether we stay in or out of Europe!

The evening will kickstart with a showing of the match followed by a programme featuring artists and activists calling for support of those seeking safety across Europe, and challenging the racism towards refugees that many in politics and the media have exploited in the run up to the Referendum Vote.

Musicians, spoken word artists and activists come together for a programme in support of Refugees rights concluding Refugee Week 2016. Balkan party sounds and music from Refugee artists including a host for the evening.

Expect to question and be provoked, expect to be inspired to show unity for refugees.

Transylvania centres around the talents of Konstantin Zgomot and Vlad Damien. Their repertoire, with an array of awesome acoustic musicians, draws on their roots, rhythms and melodies from the Bukovina region, but with red hot beats and samples provided by ultra producer Konstantin. Live the band kicks up a storm, with original visuals and video mixes. Latest CD MR VLAD is out now.

twitter: @Transylvania_cc


25 Jun 2016 - 30 Nov 2021

Rich Mix London