6 Oct 2019 / 14:00 to 17:00

Building Alternative Food Systems

The Arts, Migration and Food Platforma 5 event, part of Something Held in the Mouth, a four day festival of food, migration & the poetics of food, organised by  Custom Folkestone.

14:00 to 16:00

Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olărescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom are working with a food bank organiser in Peckham, examining the system from how we make donations through to the user experience. Their work encourages us to reconsider our responsibility as citizens, beyond existing power structures, to redesign food systems collectively

They will run a participatory workshop on re imagining a better, fairer (more nutritious) food banking and sharing system, aimed at empowering those in need and those that donate. Looking at replacing dried, canned foods with seasonal, organic and locally-grown ones, they aim to create a more holistic model prioritising nutrition and food literacy by reflecting on our contemporary disconnect from food. Come help them build it together.

16:00 to 17:00

What role can arts & food projects play in developing understanding of migration & displacement? With May Project Gardens founder Ian Solomon-Kawall (KMT), Usman Khalid of Haven Coffee and Dana Olărescu and Paulina Sidhom.

About the panel:

Dana and Paulina test the boundaries between art and design with collaborative work inspired by ecology, wellbeing, and non-formal education. They are currently developing a project on natural building and growing microgreens in London, aiming to address people’s contemporary relationship to locally-sourced food. Previous projects include teaching gardening techniques to vulnerable adults, and art installations challenging immigrant stereotypes, with some on show at Tate Modern, Museum of London, Goldsmiths University, and Incheon Arts Platform (South Korea,) amongst others. @microlifeproject #microchangescreatewaves

 Ian (KMT) has over 20 years experience of working in activism and social change. He’s worked on raising awareness for a multitude of social issues using the powerful words and rhythms of Hip Hop music and a non-exhaustive passion for the environment and conservation, combining his love for music and love for nature. KMT’S VISION – KMT uses the arts for social change to propose a provocation – Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. His philosophy and working methodologies are grounded in a deep respect for the beauty and abundance of Pachamama (Mother Earth), linking the issues of global food security and local food growing systems, to both entertain and educate. Projects form the rich tapestry that is the community-led food growing space May Project Gardens which he designed using permaculture principles. Here he mentors young people, nurturing ideas and fuelling passions through music and a connection to the environment, through a six month leadership programme, Hip Hop Gardens.

Haven Coffee was founded in 2018 by social entrepreneur and refugee Usman Khalid, Haven Coffee is a coffee brand with a social mission, running pop-up coffee shops for workspaces and events across London. We provide a coffee shop experience without you even having to leave the building. With our professionally trained baristas and organic high-quality blends, Haven can give you that perfect cup of coffee you are looking for. What’s more, each cup of Haven Coffee sold helps support and raise awareness for refugee communities across the UK, from promoting refugee artists to organising events, as well as providing barista training to those refugees who are looking to build a new professional life for themselves.

6 Oct 2019
14:00 to 17:00


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