4 May 2022 / 15.00 (UK) / 10.00 (EST)
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Binge Watching Hate: Strategies for Fighting the Rise of Digital Extremism

Join advocates, scholars, and strategic thought leaders in conversation about cutting-edge communications strategies for combating the rise of far-right extremist ideology in digital spaces.

DATE/TIME: Wed. May 4th, 3pm UK/10AM EST.

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Sarah E. Lowe, Moderator, (Director of Research + Impact, Define American, US)

Sarah is a health equities researcher, a Ph.D. candidate in Community Health Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the Director of Research + Impact at the immigrant rights advocacy organization Define American. Her work focuses on narrative and participatory approaches, particularly storytelling as critical narrative intervention in and around immigrant communities.

Zahed Amanullah (Resident Senior Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, UK)

Zahed leads ISD’s civil society engagement, communications and partnerships. He coordinates between activists, frontline workers, and relevant civil society networks.

Dr. Francesca Bolla Tripodi, (Senior Faculty Researcher, CITAP: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US)

Francesca is a sociologist who studies how participatory media perpetuates systems of inequality. She is an assistant professor at the School of Information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill, and is an affiliated researcher with Data & Society.

Shauna Siggelkow (Director of Digital Storytelling, Define American, US)

Shauna is a television and digital video producer who specializes in creating content-based advocacy campaigns. She leads an innovative strategy at the non-profit Define American, where she combines social media influencer networks and digital humanities research to combat the spread of misinformation online.

Tony McAleer, (Founder, Life After Hate, US)

Author, activist, and founder of “Life After Hate,” Tony knows firsthand how to combat white supracists online, because he used to be one. Since reforming his ideology, he has founded “Life After Hate,” where he leads narrative and content strategy efforts to combat the rise of white nationalism in the U.S., and rehabilitate extremists who have bought into the rhetoric.

Presented by Define American in partnership with Counterpoints Arts as part of our PopChange Salon Series.

The PopChange Salon Series — presented by Counterpoints Arts’ Popchange initiative — are curated exchanges with change makers, storytellers and the entertainment industry to explore opportunities for harnessing pop culture for real social change. Building from the recent New Brave World report (Sachrajda & Zukowska, 2021), the Salon Series focuses on areas with momentum for narrative change in the UK — TV/film, gaming and comedy — with particular reference to themes of racial justice, migration and displacement.

4 May 2022
15.00 (UK) / 10.00 (EST)

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