22 Mar 2016 - 30 Nov 2021 / 6.30pm

Ben Uri panel discussion

Ben Uri Gallery and Museum – 108A Boundary Road, London NW8 0RH, United Kingdom

In this panel discussion, three artists who are part of Counterpoints Arts collaboration with Ben Uri Gallery on the Unexpected exhibition discussed themes of identity and migration in relation to their art works and practices.

  • Ana Cvorovic explored psychic space in relation to migration and displacement. She discussed how migration under impoverished circumstances diminishes the boundary between the inner self and the public space, creating feelings of exposure and vulnerability.
  • Juan delGado discussed his series ‘Altered Landscapes’, now showing in Waterman’s Gallery.
  • Jasleen Kaur discussed her fascination with the malleability of culture and the continual adaptations and subtle changes in people’s behaviour and traditions, discussing how everyday objects and matter can act as visual signifiers that comment on our social and cultural histories.

Image: from Altered Images by Juan delGado

22 Mar 2016 - 30 Nov 2021