5 Oct 2016 / 5.30pm

Arts of Social Change – Queens of Syria

Award Winning Documentary plus Q&A

“I have a scream I have to let out – I want the world to hear it.” Suad.

Yasmin Fedda’s award winning documentary ‘Queens of Syria’ tells a story of fifty refugee women exiled in Jordan, who came together to perform a contemporary version of the ancient Greek tragedy, The Trojan Women.

The screening is followed by Q&A with the Director.

Watch the trailer here.

This film is part of a programme of events showcasing the work of refugee and migrant Arts Hub Counterpoints Arts during their ‘Arts of Social Change’ retreat at Dartington. Please join us the following day for an evening of Spoken Word and Music, preceeded by a free installation.

5 Oct 2016

Dartington Hall Trust, the Barn Cinema


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