June 15, 2018

Escape from Yarl’s Wood

Ahead of the concert at KOKO London, Lowkey and his collaborators Mohammed Yahya and EbsilJaz recorded a track with lyrics reflecting a story based on the real experiences of detainees at the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

The track is an exclusive collaboration recorded for Refugee Week, with the main theme initiated by the artists.

Produced by Kensaye Russel. Also, special thanks to Kensaye for generously donating the instrumental element for Escape from Yarl’s Wood.

Escape from Yarl’s Wood

The infamous detention centre has gained a huge amount of media attention for allegations of human rights abuses, degradation of detainees by staff and hunger strikes by those held there. It has become a key national rallying point for activists campaigning against deportations of asylum seekers and other migrant people, as highlighted in the recent Windrush scandal.

The collaborative song is based on real stories forming a conversation around a fictional woman detained in Yarl’s Wood, her husband, the translator and her lawyer, with an introduction by the character of her son who witnessed her arrest by the police. The lyrics share the emotional blow to families separated by a draconian immigration system, and the severe personal impact of the deportation process.

The track is multi-lingual in Arabic and English for the purpose of reaching Refugee Week’s broad international audience base, in particular with hopes to reach Arabic speaking refugees.

Look out for the video to Escape from Yarl’s Wood, documenting the writing and the recording process.

With the track and the video the artists and we express the support of the current campaign by a number of partner organisations – #TheseWallsMustFall – and the call to action by the movement against detention and raising awareness of Government’s hostile environment policies. For more info on the campaign visit


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