January 31, 2019

Community and opera in Newham – Full Circle

We are delighted to be joining the partnership behind Full Circle Community Opera project.

If you want to see innovative and impactful music education look no further than Lister Community School in Newham where the dynamic music department has brought the school and the local community together in a multi partnership music project.

This has been made possible with the support from Newham Music, a unique and award winning music hub which provides high quality music education to school children and young people of Newham.

Full Circle started with the two partners wanting to use music to enable the students to talk about the rich diversity in their community, about the lives of the real people around them but also their own hopes and dreams. The piece begins with the story of a local man, Jonathan Lofulo, who fled DRC as a child, his difficult start in this country and the way he turned his life around to become an educator leader.

We are hugely inspired by the work that has been achieved over the last eighteen months and will be supporting the next phase which will include two artists from our network, poet Laila Sumpton and hip hop musician Mohammed Yahya. Full Circle will be performed as part of Refugee Week programme at Southbank Centre on 23rd June 2019.

Full Circle has been nominated for the Outstanding Musical Initiative at the prestigious Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. We wish them luck!



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