October 4, 2021

But Is It Funny?

New weekly podcast puts comedy criticism in the spotlight.

But Is It Funny? features Guardian comedy critic Brian Logan, writer and comedian Suchandrika Chakrabarti, and writer Jamal Khadar.

Each week they will be discussing what’s new in stand-up, who is making waves and digging deeper into what we laugh at and why. The aim is to extend and diversify the critical conversation around comedy.

‘But Is It Funny?’, produced by Counterpoints Arts as part of our Popchange programme, is available on all major platforms. It builds on our ongoing No Direction Home comedy project that started in 2018.

Suchandrika Chakrabarti says:

“Comedy is kind of a big deal these days; it deserves great critics and constructive criticism, just as much as the theatre, film or book industries. I’m a new comedian myself, and when researching how to build my debut hour during the last lockdown, I read reviews of past Edinburgh shows to teach me what the format could do. I’m really excited to work with Jamal, Brian and the Counterpoints Arts team on ‘But Is It Funny?’ because we need more spaces in which to discuss comedy and its relationship to social change.”

Brian Logan says:

“Much of my life is spent traveling to and watching comedy alone – then arguing with myself about it in print. So I’m excited to get in a room (or a Zoom room) with two people as fascinated by the artform as I am, to talk about everything that’s happening on the frontline of comedy, and open up the conversation around who makes it, who’s it for – and who gets to decide what’s funny.”

Jamal Khadar says:

“It’s a really interesting time for comedy criticism. Counterpoints Arts have picked up on people’s interest in thinking more deeply about comedy and I think they have also seen the excitement about having a wider range of perspectives in comedy criticism. I’m really excited to get into a room with Suchandrika, Brian, and the other comedians and critics that join us. The first time we had a comedy conversation like this we definitely all left thinking ‘why don’t critics do this more often?’”

But Is It Funny? is available on Spotify, Apple and all major platforms.