Sung Im Her

Contemporary dancer and choreographer working in South Korea, the UK and across the world

Sung-Im Her was born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied contemporary dance at Han-Sung University and has performed and choreographed work across the world.

Since 2012, Sung-Im has created four remarkable international collaborations combining dance and music, visual art and theater. “Philia”, “En-trance”, “Tuning”, “Nymf” has been performing in Theater Freiburg, Mullae art center, Ufer studio, Theater Nona, Les Brigittines, Arko theater, LIG Art Hall , Zurich specktacle(.

Counterpoints Arts supported the development of Human Wall, a dance performance which comments on the fact that jsolation is major part of contemporary life, exacerbated by technology, how we live in modern urban environments and also by our attitudes towards outsiders. As a migrant to the UK / Europe Sung Im Her is particularly interested in the barriers between and within people that create feelings of isolation. It was presented during Refugee Week 2018 at venues including the V&A, performeed by Sung Im Her, Jin Han Choi, Hae Yeon Im

Photos by Marcia Chandra