Juan delGado

Participatory art installation bringing together refugees, asylum seekers, local residents and artists.

In 2017-2018 we are working with a range of artists on a variety of touring and place-based commissions across the UK; we’re also working with several artists to scale-up projects via R&D and through ongoing creative mentoring and learning. 

Living Room was conceived by Juan delGado as a ‘welcoming’ space within Art House in Wakefield. He worked collaboratively with refugees and asylum seekers to set up this space where locals and those in transit could relax, share stories, art and music. This resulted in the establishment of a Sanctuary Studio (at Art House) dedicated to supporting artists seeking sanctuary or those unable to receiving financial support because their status is currently defined by ‘no recourse to public funding’.

Living Room incorporates a range of conversations between civic agencies and individuals in Wakefield including the accommodation centre, Urban House, City of Sanctuary, Wakefield Council and AxisWeb, among other groups. He will return to Wakefield for the second part of Living Room to explore the idea of a fixed communal space evolving into itinerant spaces.

Juan delGado works across a range of media including installation and photography and has produced an extensive body of work that explores themes of trauma, landscape, disabilitydislocation and gender. He is the creative producer of Qisetna: Talking Syria in collaboration with Syrian artists displaced in Turkey and the British Council.