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As a small-scale arts organization, Counterpoints Arts is increasingly aware of principles of environmental sustainability across all areas of our work.

Within our operating strands of enabling, producing and learning we include projects that explore the impact of climate change and human displacement. We produce and co-produce projects of high artistic quality which respond to interconnected and local ecologies, where new-coming and host communities face the reality of living in environments of limited resources and heightened political tensions.

We will continue to liaise with our funders, partners, artists and audiences on current debates and campaigns around climate change and migration. We will also follow local, national and international developments and policies around climate change, in particular the work of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Creative Climate Coalition. We will continually engage with the work of Julie’s Bicycle, around the yearly measuring of our environmental impact and also around training. One of our colleagues is a member of the Creative Climate Leadership alumni and is contributing to this growing network.  

Counterpoints Arts recognises the challenges of operating in an environment of limited resources, where we aim to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best green practices where possible.


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