April 28, 2019

A place in the world: Moving Worlds film programme for Refugee Week

By Nelli Stavropoulou, Moving Worlds producer

Moving Worlds is a film programme specially curated for Refugee Week, offering a thematic selection of films for you to screen at reduced rates from your very own cinema, whether that’s your living room or local park.

In line with Refugee Week’s ethos of coming together, this is a chance for you to organise screenings collectively, followed by post-viewing conversations supported by our resources. We’ve also developed a locations guide with suggestions about cinema spaces. We always encourage groups to document their screenings and share their experiences with us through our social media channels.

For this year’s programme, we have chosen films from the United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, France, Africa, and Syria that offer an interweaving of memory, personal testimony and social critique. A common narrative thread across all films is the search for a home, either as a place of safety or a new identity, a reclaiming of one’s place in the world or the never-ending dream of returning to one’s homeland.

This year’s collection also features films with a strong female presence, as well as films that celebrate new beginnings and the establishment of new friendships. Some draw parallels between ‘now’ and ‘then’, reminding us of the universal nature of migration as a defining feature of human mobility.

These are films that resist the stereotypes of representing individuals seeking asylum. Instead, the films focus on humanising such experiences and seek to challenge divisions between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Some are collaborations between filmmakers and protagonists, further amplifying the role of film as a platform for self-expression.

Moving Worlds embraces the power of film to persuade, transport, educate and inspire change. Films have an important role to play in allowing us to share stories, reveal new ways of seeing the world and offering ideas to reflect on. The programme is committed to making films accessible to all through securing award-winning documentaries and features at affordable rates.

Moving Worlds is produced by Counterpoints Arts with the support of Refugee Week, Learning Lab, Migration Collective, and London Migrant Festival. It would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our network of creative and passionate filmmakers and producers who agreed to make their films available. Our thanks to our partners for their curatorial support.

Top image: Sky and Ground (2017) documentary

Image: Female Voice (2018) anthology

Image: Revenir (2018) documentary