• Beyond Borders
    Learning, Theatre

    Friday 1st April 2016
    10.30 - 13.30

    Counterpoints Arts/Platforma and the Young Vic invite you to a free event looking at theatre and performance with and by refugees and migrants. A chance to hear about the Young Vic’s work with refugees and and asylum seekers and their future plans and an opportunity to share your own work and ideas.

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  • Everyday On Canalside Community Event, Saturday, April 9, 2016

    Saturday 9th April 2016
    2pm-5pm at Whitmore Community Centre, Hoxton

    Counterpoints Arts and the Canalside Residents’ Association co-hosted a ‘Learning Lab’ at the Whitmore Community Centre There was lots of hands-on creative activities, including: * Radio podcasting with Social Broadcasts * A photographer  taking portraits for Humans of Canalside * Your histories, ideas, stories and knowledgewere shared through maps and posters * The Canalside gardening group met and […]

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  • Bards Without Borders: Shakespeare 400
    Literature, Theatre

    Saturday 23rd April 2016

    Shakespeare has been dead for a while, and on the anniversary of his death Bards Without Borders (BWB) are holding an international wake, all be it 400 years late! Imagine a multilingual carnivalesque funeral which blends the traditions of ten different countries and involves a few of the Bard's major and minor characters.

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  • Literature and Activism – bringing refugee experiences ‘home’

    Tuesday 26th April 2016

    The refugee 'crisis' has dominated the media in recent months and public engagement with the issue has never been higher. Across TV, radio, newspapers and social media, all aspects of the crisis are exhaustively discussed. So what role if any does literature play in helping to deepen our understanding?

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  • Sampling as a Kind of Writing – An Interactive Lab with Kayo Chingonyi
    Learning, Literature, Live Art, Poetry & Spoken Word

    Tuesday 26th April 2016
    4-6:30pm at Richmix

    Venue: RichMix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA Date: 26th April 2016 Time: 4- 6:30 pm Please join us for a Learning Lab with Kayo Chingonyi, where we’ll explore, through discussion and practice, the idea of ‘sampling’ and writing as acts of migration. In particular, we’ll look at the potential for ‘creative revision and activism’ when […]

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