What does it mean to have a rights-focused approach to arts participation?

Tuesday 18th July 2017

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Join us for a free seminar where we’ll explore diverse rights-focused approaches to arts participation.

Guest speakers will present a range of perspectives and methods, providing insights into how these have applied to specific audience groups they’ve worked with. Speakers will then host a series of open roundtable discussions encouraging an open dialogue and exchange of ideas around the following issues:

• How are rights-focused methods and processes applied in an arts context?

• Why are rights-focused approaches important in the recruitment of participants and community engagement more broadly?

• What participant, institutional and sector-wide changes can take place as a result of incorporating a rights-focused approach?

The notion of ‘rights’ brings into focus the duties institutions have to engage with diverse audiences. Using a rights-focused approach we can pay closer attention to the responsibilities publically- funded arts organisations have to the public, as well as the power relationships that shape and hinder participation. In this way, a rights- focused approach provides a starting point with which to address access issues between audiences and institutions, through utilising agency, advocacy methods and change processes.

This event marks the end of a year- long project called Canvas(s) funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Canvas(s) has explored access to cultural spaces with young people from refugee backgrounds. The project was formed around a diverse group of arts and migrants rights organisations: Autograph ABP, Counterpoints Arts, Migrants Rights Network, Asylum Aid, British Red Cross and the National Gallery.

The Canvas(s) project is managed by Autograph ABP.

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