21 Jun 2015 - 2 Jun 2020 / 5.30pm

Refugee Artists in Europe Today – talk and discussion at King’s Place

Mary Mitchell speaker and media researcher, with poet George Szirtes and Syrian musician Maya Youssef  – in collaboration with The Continuum Ensemble.

Mary Mitchell will lead an informative talk and discussion about artists who have fled their home countries due to persecution for their artistic work and/or racial origin. The talk will include information on the current situation in Europe for refugee artists, an introduction to the Traces Project which highlights contributions to the arts from individuals who have fled conflict or persecution and found safety in the UK. The two contibuting artists, George Szirtes and Maya Youssef, will respond to the emerging themes and present a short performance of their work.

Mary Mitchell is a media researcher and producer specializing in co-created digital storytelling in refugee communities. She is a producer and media researcher who led on developing content and strategy for the Traces Project, funded by UNHCR.



21 Jun 2015 - 2 Jun 2020