Learning Lab: Making Human Rights Across Borders

Saturday 11th June 2016
13.00 -16.00

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Image: This man in…Calais used my battered old Hasselblad to turn the tables; don’t think he took the shot. Jillian Edelstein

Making Human Rights across Borders: A Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab with the Migration Museum Project and ‘the drawing shed’

Venue: Palmer Room, Hoxton Hall, 130 Hoxton St., N1 6SH

Learning Lab will explore the politics and consequences of curating, representing and working at Calais refugee camp and other border crossings with communities of displacement.

What does it mean to work in a precarious landscape where people’s identities are vulnerable to state surveillance and surrounding civic aggression? Who has the rights of authorship over the representation of people who live without the full exercise of political and civic rights? Whose ‘story’ is being framed, mediated and communicated? For whom and to what end? What are the critical, ethical and methodological challenges for individuals and organisations working in these spaces across the arts, activism and advocacy?

The aim of Learning Lab is to share methodologies, experiences and practices, to bring a group of interdisciplinary and committed arts and other practitioners to reflect and learn together. Projects will include (among others): Art Refuge UK, Calais Builds, Refugee Rights Data Project, and Altered Landscapes.

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