Counterpoints Arts is a hub of creative arts and cultural projects exploring refugee and migrant experiences.






We believe in the dynamic power of the creative arts to inspire social change and enhance inclusion and cultural integration of refugees and migrants.








Our work aims to ensure that the rich cultural and artistic contributions of refugees and migrants are recognized and welcomed within British culture, history and identity.
































As a Creative Hub, we co-create, develop, produce, facilitate, promote, curate, research, publish and disseminate a range of arts and media projects.




Counterpoints Arts emerges out of the joint and complimentary work of the Partnership for Arts and Refugees (aka Refugee Week UK) and FOMACS (Forum on Migration and Communications).




To learn more about our shared mission and vision, see our collective work and collaborative ethos and approach.




  • LeilaAlaoui2

    What is the place of culture and the arts in the refugee experience when identities and basic human needs are stripped away?

    During the course of a day-long Learning Lab, we will collectively make sense of just how and whether the creative arts and culture works as a catalyst for change within the everyday infrastructures of refugee groups, in camps, as well as far flung refugees in outlying communities and urban settlements in global host countries.

    photograph courtesy of Leila Alaoui from a series of portraits : NATREEN (We are waiting)

  • trusteesSlide

    We wish to strengthen our board by recruiting additional candidates. In line with our commitment to diversity, we are particularly interested in receiving ‘expressions of interest’ from candidates with refugee and migrant backgrounds. Find out more….

  • olivier2


    On January 26th we are bringing together our artists, friends, partners and funders to launch our Programme for 2015 and reflect on the work that Counterpoints Arts has done in the past 12 months.

  • NPO2

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Counterpoints Arts has received the National Portfolio Funding from Arts Council England. This is a huge deal and a big new point of departure for us. Thank you to all of our artists, funders, partners, supporters and volunteers who have helped us develop, transform and reach this far.


  • Christopher Chataway in 1952

    How often does this happen? As they were closing down, The Foundation For Sports and the Arts decided that one of their parting shots would be to give a generous award to Counterpoints Arts. They did it to commemorate the work of one of their trustees, late Sir Christopher Chataway, who was an athlete, MP, journalist and early pioneer of refugee rights in the UK.

  • Haymanot Tesfa2

    For those who’ve not yet seen it, here are the video highlights from the Platforma Festival of arts and refugees in Manchester at the end of last year. The two day Conference was full of interesting workshops and inspirational speakers from across the UK and internationally, and the artistic programme (including the first ever Platforma [...]

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